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Florida (Virginia) Cross weave for peppers and tomatoes

We started using the Florida weave last year and we’re amazed at the results. We have the plants in flat beds, raised beds and some with landscape fabric. Each row has T posts or stakes at the ends and middle. String is then woven around the plants and tied off on the posts. This gives…

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Planting peppers using the Florida weave step 1

We started using the Florida weave last year for peppers and tomatoes. The results were amazing because the plants were supported through storms and a heavy crop of peppers. We will plant them in four different areas. The first area is planted in a raised bed with t-posts on each end and string woven around…

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Hatch peppers

Planting Hatch peppers in a raised bed with drip tape. Next we will put in T posts and run string weaving through the plants to hold them up.

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Hi, I’m MariAnne. I became a full-time mother in 1986 and ran a Family Daycare for nine years. Now I am a Software Developer / IT Director soon to be retiring. This blog is for my love of gardening and food and sharing my favorites with you!

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