Growing peppers in 2022

The pepper plants were started in February this year so that they would be ready to plant in May. We never plant peppers and tomatoes here in zone 7 before mid-May. This year we have mild, medium, and hot peppers in the garden. Mild: California wonder, Wild wonder, pimento, Italian Medium: Hatch Red Medium, BigContinue reading “Growing peppers in 2022”

New Chickens – Ameraucanas to add to the flock

Picked up three Ameraucana’s from Southern States to add to our existing flock. We now have 3 Black sex link, 2 Orpingtons, 3 Rhode Island Reds, 1 Astralorp, 1 white Leghorn, 2 Black Asian, and now 3 Ameraucana chickens. We had some really cold nights but the chickens all seemed to handle the cold inContinue reading “New Chickens – Ameraucanas to add to the flock”