New Chickens – Ameraucanas to add to the flock

Picked up three Ameraucana’s from Southern States to add to our existing flock. We now have 3 Black sex link, 2 Orpingtons, 3 Rhode Island Reds, 1 Astralorp, 1 white Leghorn, 2 Black Asian, and now 3 Ameraucana chickens. We had some really cold nights but the chickens all seemed to handle the cold inContinue reading “New Chickens – Ameraucanas to add to the flock”

Starting a Business – Plan, Design, People

I have started my search for ideas and stumbled across some great information on starting your own business. First I need a Business Plan for my concept based on my budget – or the budget of any investors that I can find. I need to carefully design the space from the concept which includes theContinue reading “Starting a Business – Plan, Design, People”

Starting a new business – where to begin….

Where do I begin to find the information I need to start a new business. I have had several careers in my lifetime and have always found that if I am passionate enough about something I have the ability to do just about anything that I try. I have been thinking that it would beContinue reading “Starting a new business – where to begin….”